February 2024:

New MORPHINE 666 album, mixing in process, it's going to rip!!!

December 2023:

MORPHINE 666 is recording a new LP in a famous studio in the south of France. Amazing new tracks to be released very soon!

July 2023:

SUPER STONED, Rolling Stones tribute getting ready!

June 2023:

MORPHINE 666 is back in business! More news to come! 

March 2023:

New LP "Ultraviolence Therapy" ready to be released anytime soon! Stay tuned!

February 2023:

Some fresh news! Working on some new material for the forthcoming album " Ultraviolence Therapy ". Recording done, time to mix 10 tracks of RnR!!!. Stay tuned!

May 2022:

My new LP " The story of Zita de Borgia" is available on Bandcamp! Check it out!


Zita & Pourring rain sont splendides, quasi tearing, et le final élégiaque sur Beautiful remains. Tu renoues avec ta veine cha cha cha darkish brinquebalante, tes tangos éthyliques vénéneux pleins de charmes surannés et de vices période Follies tout en étoffant le stuff avec une ampleur électrifiée, une teneur en envolées qui transportent. C'est très réussi oui, Duke D'Astorg. "

(Merle Leonce Bone, ecrivain)